LitCoin is the hottest new Social Token on Polygon

Crypto apes tryna get LitCoin

By enabling Proof-of-Lit-Fam on your Discord or Telegram server, you can create private communities exclusively for the Lit Fam elite amongst the crowd.

- Discord Setup:
- Telegram Setup:
- Smart Contract address (on Polygon): 0x19A935CbAaa4099072479d521962588D7857D717

Token-Permissioned chats check to see if members have the minimum required amount of tokens in their connected wallet. As a server administrator, you set the bar for lit your members need to be.

Proof-of-Lit-Fam in action

PoLF is available today on — It’s Lit!

To learn more, visit:




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LitCoin Fam

LitCoin Fam

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