How to earn $DealWithIt on Polygon

$DealWithIt is a provably scarce collectible token on the Polygon (MATIC) L2 blockchain. A total supply of 100,000 tokens will be linearly distributed until July 3, 2022. So how does one earn $DealWithIt?

  1. We begin our journey with a local fiat currency. This is exchanged at a centralized exchange (e.g. Coinbase) for Ether, the native Web3 cryptocurrency.
  2. Using MetaMask, or the web3 provider of your choice, Ether is transferred across the Polygon bridge at
  3. Using a new Polygon RPC in MetaMask or other Web3 provider, we switch from the Ethereum-Mainnet to Matic-Mainnet
  4. Ether can be swapped for MATIC & LitCoin using QuickSwap, SushiSwap, or the DEX of your choice.
  5. Wrapped MATIC + LitCoin are staked at a 1:1 ratio in exchange for a Liquidity Provider token at QuickSwap as WMATIC-LITCOIN using the Uni-V2 contract.
  6. The WMATIC-LITCOIN Uni-V2 LP tokens are staked at the DealWithIt yield farm, as an exclusive reward token for LitCoin holders.
  7. The reward pool is distributed such that larger LP stakes with longer deposit histories earn a greater portion of the $DealWithIt bounty.