Early LitCoin Ape Yields $1,000+ Payout

Scanning the LitCoin: Token Holders tab on PolygonScan, one Ethereum wallet address topped the ledger immediately out of the gate, as an earlier token holder than just about everyone else involved with the project — they bought in earlier than the core members of the LitCoin team.

It was speculated that this account could be a bot that buys into DEXs at the earliest signs of liquidity, who else could it be?

Today, LitCoin dropped -90% in value within 15 minutes. Soon, a user popped into the Discord room:

Sorry for that dump.

I literally aped 5 matic in here the moment I noticed the contract on polygon scan, completely forgot about it untill today. Saw it was worth 1040 matic (with the current liq at that time) but thought it had to be a bug for sure.

Actually sold and realized after I was #1 holder.

Didn’t mean to implode it, though I see people bought it back up again.

It was a ruthless dump, but an impressive arbitrage. Memecoins are a wild west of unexpected twists and turns.

To learn more about LitCoin visit https://golitcoin.com.